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How to give your Jewellery and Handmade Goods their best life and the care they deserve

For Polymer Clay, Resin and Acrylic Pieces

  • Please treat your handmade jewellery as you would treat any fine jewellery. Though the materials and designs are intended to be sturdy, they are not intended for rough usage. Note that while polymer clay, resin and acrylic are durable, they are not indestructible. Please do not bend your jewellery or be rough with details on the pieces. Painted or glued on details often have a topcoat to keep the hand finished details in place but please do not rub or scratch at the jewellery as this can destroy the pieces. Pieces may break when dropped, so please handle with care.

  • Keep out of direct sunlight when not being worn as this can cause discolouration. Also keep away from heat sources such as stoves or heaters when not being worn, as materials can deform under heavy exposure to heat. Exposing these pieces to water while wearing pieces when swimming, in the shower, etc. is not recommend. This might cause unwanted changes.

  • Do not use any cleaning agents, disinfectants or harsh chemicals on jewellery, such as acetone or alcohol, as the material can be damaged. The pieces are very easy to clean with a microfibre cloth. Using any cloth that is not as soft might scratch the surface, including paper towels!

  • Make sure to hang wall art from sturdy wall hooks, as they might break if they fall to the floor.

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